5 Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other Who Games

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Meta: The holidays are a time for giving and spreading cheer. There are many gifts to give your significant other who loves playing games on their consoles.

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time for people to exchange gifts once more with their family, friends and significant others. Finding something that they appreciate and can use regularly can be pretty stressful because you want to get it right the first time. Of course, you don’t want to see them disappointed when they open your gift. You want to give them joy for the season, and you want to spread festive cheer instead of frowns and scowls.

When you’re selecting a present for your significant other, you’ll have to consider their interests and of course your budget. Figure out what they like, so you also feel good about yourself. Perhaps, if they like casino games, you can give them access to a site like the casino.netbet.co.uk/roulette platfrom, so they can spend some time playing their favourite games or play games for the first time on such a site. Or if they’re sportsmen, you can provide them with something from their beloved team such as a replica shirt, a brick in the wall or a stadium tour as a few examples.

In this article, we’ll explore some gift ideas for your significant other who loves to play games.

A dedicated gaming monitor

It may be pretty difficult to watch your shows if your significant other spends some time playing their games on the television. So, why not give them a dedicated gaming monitor? If they use consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, a 28-inch gaming monitor with 4K resolution will do the trick. Not only will they have a monitor of their own, but you’ll also have enough time to watch the tube.

An external hard drive or memory card

Which gamer doesn’t need the extra memory space? We’re pretty confident that your beloved will appreciate such a generous gift. Not only will they have additional storage space for their saved games, but they can also transfer screenshots, video recordings or the games themselves on the drive or memory card. If they’re using a console, you can buy an external hard drive with at least a 1TB capacity. If they’re using handhelds, you can opt for memory cards.

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Customisable game controllers

If they’ve been using their controller for years now, consider giving them a premium controller with customisable buttons for their gameplay. There are also custom faceplates available that can help make their controller truly their own. Also, ensure that the controller has Bluetooth compatibility so they can connect to different consoles.

Gaming collectables

Why not spawn another hobby? Since your beloved likes gaming, try surprising them with limited edition collectables from their favourite games. They can display them in the game room, and they can make the space even more personalised.

More games!

What else will make your gamer smile broadly than getting new games to master? We’re sure they’ve been dropping hints about the next game they want to play. So, give in to their whims and buy them a few of their new games. You can even make an adventure hunt out of it to ramp the excitement. We’re sure they’ll love you even more.

Final thoughts

When you’re buying presents for your significant other, consider their interests and listen to them because they might already be dropping hints about what they want to receive.